Conservation Concepts, Inc. specializes in energy saving window coverings. Our goal is to help you add style while conserving energy.

Quality Window Quilts

window quiltsIf you’re looking for new window treatments, consider Window Quilt® Insulating Shades from Conservation Concepts, Inc. Window Quilts are sealed on all four sides, which is a critical requirement for any window insulation to maximize efficiency. The unique, impenetrable design of Window Quilts stops heat, cold, drafts and damaging condensation completely!Great for summer or winter use, Window Quilts seal windows on all four sides while significantly increasing the insulation of the windows. Window condensation is kept to a minimum because of a special, built-in Mylar vapor barrier. Outside noise is minimized by a third, so you can rest easy and avoid disruptions while you nap or watch TV. Window Quilts also greatly reduce window drafts and air infiltration.

Insulation Properties (R-value)

Single pane window = .87

with Window Quilt = 5.88 Heat Loss Reduction = 85%Double pane window = 1.86

with Window Quilt = 6.90 Heat Loss Reduction = 73%Double pane, Low -e Glazing = 3.45

with Window Quilt = 7.14 Heat Loss Reduction = 52%Air Exchange Reduction (avg) = 3.0% Noise Reduction = 35%

Window Quilt Shades – Made in America

Window Quilts are proudly crafted in America, and have been used in over 600,000 residential and commercial installations! They are custom made and they will match any style of home, office or business. They roll up completely when not in use. This is perfect for beautiful spring days when you would much rather opt for fresh outside air. Window Quilts are an advanced green technology that not only save you money but help to save natural resources too!  Give us a call at Conservation Concepts, Inc. today and see how we can help you save energy and money with Window Quilt Insulating Shades!