The solar shades and window awnings in Hanover, PA that we offer are capable of being delivered straight to your home and professionally installed that very day! We offer a wide variety of styles to choose from that can perfectly suite you home with our extensive selection of window awnings from Eclipse Shading Products.

We specialize in all forms of residential or commercial solar shade and window awning installations, with assurance that your product is properly installed by our highly experienced solar shade and window awning installers. You can truly compliment the exterior of your home or business with our variety of awnings to choose from that are available, including our canopies, side shades, aluminum awnings, commercial awnings, stationary awnings and retractable awnings in Hanover, PA.

We have been providing Hanover, PA with conservation products and services since 1980. We are a locally-owned business, serving all residential and commercial customers. We truly are your complete source for Eclipse, Durasol and Sunsetter products.

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More About Us

Our livelihood at Conservation Concepts is based on offering the premier sun and shade solutions for residential and commercial applications. Together with the industry’s leading manufacturers, we are your Central PA resource for efficient shading solutions that can enhance your outdoor and indoor experiences. Below is a gallery of some of our products and installations we have performed throughout PA households and businesses.

More About Our Products

Retractable Awnings – Our retractable awnings in Hanover, PA provide an attractive option for homeowners and business owners looking to beat the spring and summer heat. With a variety of designs and options to choose form, you are surely capable of finding one to perfectly complement the exterior of your home or business.

Solar Shades – Our solar shades in Hanover, PA offer a flexible form of sun protection, while still providing you a great view! They can completely block outdoor light from entering your home, or simply darken a room for reducing any unwanted glares.

Skylights With skylights in Hanover, PA you can significantly reduce your energy bills, while enhancing your room with a natural form of lighting. Our skylights also provide a natural form of household ventilation and can be controlled at any time.

Attic Fans – Prevent your attic from reaching up to 150 degrees with an attic fan in Hanover, PA. With this form of ventilation, it can help prevent an excess of heat form lingering around your upstairs and expose it back to the natural elements.

Window Quilt Shades – Enhance the elegance of your home’s interior with our window quilt shades in Hanover, PA. These come in a variety of fashions that can meet your specific design needs, while preventing unwanted light from entering your home and keeping it cool!

Window Tinting – Working in direct sunlight at home or in the office can cause eye strain and fatigue. Our Window tinting in Hanover, PA can help prevent these symptoms by providing solar insulation that blocks harmful UV rays and glare.  Window tinting is available in different finishes to blend with your home or office décor.

Window Awnings – We carry of variety of window awning fabrics, that can meet your specific designs needs, while increasing energy efficiency and enhancing your exteriors appearance. Our window awnings in Hanover, PA block out the sun’s heat before it reaches a home or business, therefore reducing the loss of cool air indoors.

Stationary Awnings Our stationary awnings in Hanover, PA can decrease indoor energy costs, protect your patio furniture from the harsh elements, prevent premature fading of drapes, carpet and furniture!

Commercial Awnings Increase your businesses visibility and get the message across much more easily with our commercial awnings in Hanover, PA. These awnings provide attractive additional signage for businesses, while they shield your employees and customers from rain, snow and harsh sun.

Canopies – Our window and door canopies in Hanover, PA allows you to have shading, beauty and protection from the elements wherever you need it in. Canopies will allow you to let you enjoy your outdoor living space with your friends and family. We can customize canopies to meet your preference and budget!

Aluminum Awnings – Similar to our retractable awnings, the aluminum awnings in Hanover, PA allow homeowners and business owners to beat the spring and summer heat. Aluminum awnings are very durable and will block out the ultraviolet rays from damaging your floors and furniture.

Side Shades – Our side shades in Hanover, PA creates privacy for any home from the side of the home. Side shades can reduce the heat caused from the sun by up to 20 percent which is very beneficial, especially during the hot summer time.

Cellular Shades – Our cellular shades in Hanover, PA, also referred to as honeycomb shades, trap air in the “honeycomb” structure to limit the amount of warm air that escapes and acts as a buffer to prevent cold air from getting in.

Blinds – We have a large variety of blinds in Hanover, PA where there is a wide selection of materials, styles, textures, and colors for both horizontal and vertical blinds. Protect your home from the sunlight with one of our window blinds!

Retractable Screens – Our retractable screens in Hanover, PA is a multipurpose screen. Our Eclipse E-Zip solar insect screen is the best retractable screen to prevent insects as well as providing shade for your home or business.

Sun Tunnels – Our sun tunnels in Hanover, PA allows you to get sunlight in smaller rooms such as closets, hallways, and laundry rooms. Just when you thought you couldn’t add light to certain rooms, the sun tunnel will change your mind!

Skylight Blinds & Shades – Our skylight blinds & shades in Hanover, PA can help you can control the amount of light coming through your skylights. They enhance roof windows and skylights by providing additional levels of energy efficiency and comfort.

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